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Since Its beginning, the company focussed mind, highly spirited and Passionate for the Growth &Success. We are determined to consistently improve our quality management systems by upgrading capabilities and infrastructure. We continue to strive to provide superior products with competitively priced to our customers


A specialist in the sector. One of the FMCG distributor across Middle East countries rely on KEFCO; FMCG supply chain management to bring their product to market efficiently. By collaborating with KEFCO, We can also help you succeed in your local markets and penetrate new ones.


Our commitments are fully customisable to meet the challenges of manufacturers and distributors of diverse FMCG cargo. From food products, household goods, cosmetics to textile, footwear, toys and wide range of other consumer goods, we have handled it all.


The supply chain becomes more complex when it extends beyond domestic to regional and global distributions. KEFCO Corporate Head Office is located in heart of Dubai, Al Buteen Deira.


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